Canadian vs Japanese Healthcare

Having lived in both countries (Canada & Japan), I must say I prefer the Japanese system waaaaaay better. Canada is not bad if you’re generally healthy but if you’re in pain and need to see a specialist right away, I’d rather pay a price to get treatment right away than waiting few months. And in Japan the price you pay is affordable, for example seeing a family doctor might cost you $10-$20, and MRI can cost $60+, and you can get it done same day or the next day. If you’re hospitalized the hospital admittance fee could cost you $100 a day but there’s a cap on how much you’ll pay per month. So for example, if you’re <69 years of age and makes less than $25000CDN (approx.) you’ll get a refund from the city you live if you pay more than $700 in a month for medical related costs. So if you have enough savings or are enrolled in private insurance you are well covered.

There are many choices of specialists too, so you can check out google review and go directly to the specialist you want to see and can bypass your family doctor. In fact a lot of people don’t have family doctors. For example, if a patient have a problem with their eyes they can go to the eye doctor directly who is equipped to do a detailed checkup on the spot.

Which do you prefer?

This cartoon was inspired from this twitter thread:

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