District of North Vancouver Votes 2018 – Councillor Candidates –

It’s voting day today! Of course I am last minute as usual to research on the candidates. For Mayor, it was easy decision (note my Cartoon Profile) Normally I rely on the comparison charts (I think North Shore News did this for the federal election) but I couldn’t find any. It’s 9am Saturday morning (voting date) and I’m scrambling to find the summarized comparison chart of candidates but I couldnt’ find any. So I used this article of North Shore News and summarised it for you! I drive a lot around the North Shore. So please consider that with my cartoon profile when you judge my opinion.

Also, this is biased and too quick of a judgement but if INSTPP wasn’t mentioned in their response they got lower in my “got my vote” rank. I thought it showed how much they were “in” to the issues. I also ended up with 7 candidates but we can only vote for 6. One of the candidate live in my neighbourhood so I chose him over the other.



Now I have to vote for school trustees but it looks like they had a horrible operation. The incumbents spent $200,000 in mediation because they could not get along. My inclination is to vote them all out…but I will try to read each of their profile. If I have time I will post a comparison chart.



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