Liberal Committee Shuts Down Investigation into SNC-Lavalin affair cartoon

Liberals yesterday. Liberal “Justice” Committee shuts down investigation into SNC-Lavalin affair

This cartoon is a parody of Halifax cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon’s Kavanaugh affair cartoon. I think the Canadian Mainstream media was covering the Kavanaugh case more than the SNC-Lavalin political scandal. Liberal’s $600M+ hush hush money to journalists certainly paid off!

Update: I was pointed out on twitter that this cartoon did not credit the original cartoonist (Mr. Bruce McKinnon) properly. The proper etiquette is to write “With apologies…” so I added that on the cartoon later in the day (it has hence been uploaded on my blog). My apologies…I thought writing the credit on my tweet & blog post would be enough but clearly it wasn’t – it confused people. Mr. McKinnon actually responded and forgave me! Canadian Cartoonist circle is very kind 🙂

Again, thank you to everyone for pointing this out to me!

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